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Maryam was just the person I needed to speak with about a week after my third baby’s arrival - I was struggling with Mastitis and was trying to juggle a newborn with two other young kids at home. I received little guidance from my doctor on what to do and was so appreciative of the late-night consult call with Maryam and our subsequent virtual meetings (especially during the Covid-19 global pandemic!). Maryam is exceptionally caring, thorough, and experienced - I highly recommend her services to any breastfeeding mums - whether it’s your first or subsequent baby.  Thank you Maryam!


     Carla, Mississauga, ON




Maryam was a savior! I was so hurt and was so close to giving up on breastfeeding from the breast. She was my last resort and I’m sooo glad I reached out. She was always on time and addressed all my concerns. I felt empowered from her words of encouragement and within days I felt much better. A week in and I was fully recovered and breastfeeding like a pro. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her help and I’m forever grateful! Thank you Maryam for allowing me to have a positive experience and always following up and going above and beyond ️


    Yasmin, Burlington, ON




A huge shout out to Maryam for all of her assistance reassuring me and helping me stay positive throughout the first few weeks of my breastfeeding journey. It is quite overwhelming at times. Having someone with such a deep passion for helping mama’s find solutions to their breastfeeding needs helped me succeed and keep pushing forward. Maryam was always available to answer my breastfeeding questions no matter the day or time. She has such a quick response time which made me feel more than just a number. You are an amazing woman. So thankful I was referred to you


    Stephanie, Burlington, ON

Maryam was very attentive and encouraging throughout our consultations and always made sure to follow up with us afterward.  She was positive and informative and was pivotal to us during what can be an extremely frustrating and discouraging time for new mothers. We are very thankful for her help

                                                     Anna, Milton, ON

My daughter and I were having difficulty with some aspects of breastfeeding. Maryam was very understanding and provided us with multiple solutions to try out. Furthermore, Maryam was very positive and supportive. She took the time to address my concerns and put my mind at ease during this tough time.”

                                                Alanna, Mississauga, ON

I am a first time Mom struggling a little with a gassy fussy newborn baby and low milk supply. I reached out for some support and found just what I needed. The feedback and suggestions I received from Maryam were very helpful. Maryam was so positive and supportive!! She is passionate about breastfeeding and really makes you feel like it is worth the effort. I came away from our virtual appointment (due to Covid-19) feeling more confident and feeling like I really am doing a good job! Thank you for your suggestions and your kind words.

                                               Katelyn, Oakville

Thanks Maryam for your timely support and help . You did respond me whenever I required assistance and you made me feel better every time . I had severe nipple pain and you were so supportive and helped me come over it . With all the tips and suggestions that you provided im on track with my breastfeeding journey and I'm so glad to have had your contact . Thanks again and you are amazing at your job! Keep helping all moms just the way you do now . God bless you and your family :)                        


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