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Initial Lactation Consult


I can help if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • You’re full of frustrations, questions, and doubts and need some encouragement

  • Non-Latching Baby and Latching Problems

  • Sore nipple or sore breast

  • Not getting enough milk

  • Tongue-tie & lip tie assessment

  • Candida/Thrush inside baby’s mouth or mother’s nipple

  • Frequent, long feeding or frequent, short feeding

  • Overabundant milk supply

  • Twins or multiples

  • Reflux & colic behaviours

  • Unexplained Increasing or decreasing milk supply

  • Your baby has not regained birth weight at 2 weeks

  • Establish and maintain a good milk supply

  • You are having issues with latching and positioning

  • Inverted or flat nipples




Assessment includes:​

  • Pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and previous breastfeeding experiences.

  • Infant health history and current feeding experiences. We will discuss breastfeeding goals and feeding concerns.

  • An infant oral assessment, looking at sucking function, asymmetries, tongue movement and restrictions.

  • Nipple trauma and breast anatomy.

  • Observation of a complete breastfeeds on both sides from start to finish.

  • Trial new positions and breastfeeding devices

  • And more 

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