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Hi, I'm Maryam
Lactation Consultant , IBCLC, BHSc Midwifery, CIMI

As the mother of two amazing girls, I am very passionate about connecting with parents and supporting them in their parenting journey. I understand the challenges of new mothers before and after giving birth to their babies. My +10 years of work experience as a midwife has taught me how the postpartum period could be stressful and overwhelming without the right support. By getting the right kind of support, new mothers can find their confidence and feel more empowered. This can help them enjoy their experience of becoming a mother and getting more successful with breastfeeding and meeting their other parenting goals.

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As a midwife, it was a common story seeing moms who had planned to breastfeed their infant but after not receiving appropriate information, support and treatment, they had to give up. That first unsuccessful experience in their motherhood was enough to steal their confidence and cause the feeling of lacking their strength and inadequacy as a parent. This lack of confidence later could cause postpartum depression and other mental health issues. I specialized in my skills and achieved my certificates as an international lactation consultant IBCLC and registered lactation consultant to help my clients with wider and evidence-based knowledge in the breastfeeding area. I am a member of the Canadian Lactation Consultant Association (CLCA).

I am available to help you, cheer you to have a great start as a new mom.

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